Miguel de Ritmo is a musical artist and producer born in Old Havana, Cuba into a family of musicians. His father is of African descent and his mother is Jewish. He grew up listening and studying rhythms such as Danzon, Son, Bolero, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba and other Afro-Cuban rhythms. At the age of 12, he immigrated to Israel with his mother and sister and began his interest in electronic and modern music.

Miguel has toured and recorded with names like: Omar Sosa, Arkadi Duchin, Leandro Saint-Hill, percussionist Arturo Martinez, pianist Ricardo Alvarez, Childo Thomas, Cubanisimo, Israeli hip-hop groups Hadag Nahash & Shabak Samech, vocalist Orly Salomon, Iky Levi Rasta Hebrew-Man, as well as names like Radio Luna, Pele Ozen, Drue & The Millions, MaadamBoss and many more.

His music is a fusion of Hip-Hop & Electronic music, influenced in rhythms from the Caribbean with sounds of Latin America, Africa and the Mediterranean.


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