Producer, composer, mixing engineer and bass player Yuval Goren grew up in Jerusalem in an artistic family.  He style of music, throughout his life, has encompassed classical music to jazz, rock and experimental.

At the age of 18, he joined, what was a new pop band, at the time, ‘Umlala,’ as a bass player, arranger and a composer. They broke up after reaching huge success in Israel and recording one studio album from Universal Records Europe. (I am not sure if I correctly understood what was written when I changed the language.)

Afterwards, he delved deeper into the electronic music scene, creating the music label ‘Parallax Records’ in 2014 and established a new alias for his electronic stuff, Yogg.  He has since became one of the most well known and well respected producer and DJ from Tel Aviv, and has a permanent gig at the Block Club, one of the most prominent clubs in the world, along with touring in both Europe and Asia

Aside from his own music, he has produced music and sound effects for the company Jelly Button and made the music and mix for several commercials, including ‘Danone’ (Strauss Group) and the latest TalkSpace one.


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